Asian Fit Sunglasses Design Changes

Designed Differently

Our sunglasses are tailored to be more comfortable for people with low nose bridges, narrower nose bridges, and higher cheek bones — all features that are more common in East and Southeast Asians. We've flattened the frame curvature, narrowed the nose bridge, and made the nose pads taller and thicker to prevent poor fit symptoms like: sunglasses sliding off your nose, sitting on your cheeks, and the lenses brushing your lashes.

Thoughtful Materials

We prioritize premium materials and timeless designs. Our sunglasses are crafted using acetate or TR90, both known for durability and style. Acetate offers striking visuals, making your eyewear stand out, while TR90 is durable, flexible, and lightweight, ensuring comfort for all-day wear.

Accessibly Priced

Everyone deserves access to nice things, look good, and have fun with their style without breaking the bank. We make a conscious effort to keep prices under $100 for premium quality and features.

Chika Kim August Friday Founder

Hi, I'm Chika. The human behind August Friday.

To me, August Friday isn't just about sunglasses; it's about embracing who we truly are, unapologetically.

This whole journey began because, like many of you, I was tired of struggling to find sunglasses that actually fit. Being pushed toward the only "solution" of adjustable nose pads or sticking on nose pad stickers felt a lot like being told 'You're not a priority. Change yourself. Conform.'

August Friday is a love letter to anyone who's felt that same frustration.

Our goal? To create awesome low-bridge fit sunglasses that honor your unique features without breaking the bank. Because self-expression should be easy and affordable. August Friday isn't just about eyewear; it's about embracing your identity with comfort and style, one pair at a time.