Asian Fit Sunglasses Design Changes

Designed for Low Nose Bridges

With some changes to the structure of the sunglasses, we eliminated common issues people with low nose bridges face like frames sliding down your nose, resting on your cheeks, or brushing against your eyelashes.

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  • Secure Fit on Low Nose Bridges

    All designs are tested on real people with low nose bridges to ensure secure and comfortable fit for long-term wear.

  • Polarization as a Standard

    Each pair comes polarized, saving you the $40-$100 markup other brands charge for glare reduction. Of course, they're also 100% UV protected.

  • All-Day Comfort

    Came for the low bridge fit, stayed for the all-day comfort. Our materials ease pressure on the nose, ears, and temples so you forget you're even wearing them.

  • Optical Clarity

    Say goodbye to sunglasses with cheap lenses that distort your vision and damage your eyes.

  • Durable Materials

    With sturdy frames and scratch-resistant lenses, wear your sunglasses worry-free.

  • Free Standard Shipping

    Standard shipping is on the house for all orders in the U.S..

  • Easy 14-Day Returns

    Not your style? Shoot us an email and we will take care of your return or exchange.

  • Secure Checkout

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How do I know if I have a low nose bridge?

To break it down, the nose bridge is the bony part of your nose that's between your eyes or just below it.

Easiest way to determine if you have a low nose bridge is to use your finger to determine where this bony part of your nose starts. There will be a little bit of a dip or an angle at the top of the nose.

Look straight in the mirror, and if this starting point is in-line or below the pupils, you have a low nose bridge!

What are low-bridge fit sunglasses?

Standard sunglasses that are out there today are generally designed for those with taller nose bridges and western facial features.

Low-bridge fit sunglasses (often called Asian Fit) are specifically designed for those with low nose bridges, which are often found in people of East and Southeast Asian descent.

Specific design changes for include:

  • Taller and thicker nose pads. to ensure the frames sit comfortably on lower and narrower nose bridges. It also ensures the frames are far enough from your face to avoid eyelashes brushing against the lenses
  • Less frame curvature to avoid the bottom of the lenses resting on your cheeks

What are polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are specialized lenses designed to reduce glare from reflective surfaces, improve visual clarity, and reduce eye fatigue. The lenses have a special film that blocks intense, horizontally polarized light, which is commonly associated with glare.

They're especially recommended where sunlight often bounce off horizontal surfaces or where there is excessive light such as water activities, snow activities, and driving.

I have a taller nose bridge. Can I still wear August Friday sunglasses?

If the sunglasses feel good on your face, by all means, go ahead! We offer free shipping and free 14-day returns to make it easy for you to try them out.

But because our sunglasses are specifically designed for lower and narrower nose bridges, some with taller and more prominent nose bridges have found that our sunglasses sit a bit high and pinch the nose, while others found it perfectly comfortable. It's not an exact science and everyone's facial features are different, so we encourage you to try them out with our free shipping and free return shipping guarantee.